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For a long time I been feeling sorry for myself and I'm tired of it.

It was me, Cody and Timmy Towne, Duke Raynard, and Wyatt Tresh back in 1991 right before school started when it happened. Things have been fucked up since. We're all messed up.

Timmy never came back.

Some of this I'm doing for the boys.

Some for me.

All for Timmy. He was the best guy you ever want to know. Hands down.


Timmy, Duke and Wyatt were set to be seniors. Honky Tonk Heroes. That's what Timmy always called ‘em. And they were. The biggest football stars in the county if not the whole damn state of Florida. Man they were good. They had scouts coming to see them when the season started. They just got the news that day. We were out at Nixon's to celebrate.

Me and Cody were a couple years younger and that was the first summer that they really let us hang around them. Timmy was Cody's older brother if you can't guess. Cody's my best friend. His life is a mess--like he's stuck at 16. Shit, most days I feel the same.

We had our whole lives ahead of us. We was just kids.

Anyway, now we're men--all these years later. Duke made it his business to come see me about six years ago. He was the only one to make a go of life really. Got married and had a kid. Unfortunately, she left him and took his kid. Luke. Good kid. I guess as much as he tried to have a normal life he just couldn't and as he says, "Can't blame her, my past wore her down". So he come to find me and make it our business to start going back out to Nixon's Farm and see if we cant ever get one of these alien things that ruined our lives. He'd been going there alone for awhile. I didn't want to go but I don't think I ever had a choice and I'm glad for it now. We go at least once a week. Cody's been coming also, ever since he got out of state. It's nice we been all back together again. Except Wyatt. He dissapeard after all the trials and stuff. Shame.

Anyway, we're out there, doing our part. Write me and join the fight. Let's bring them down. FOR GOOD!!

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