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Greetings to everyone on the internet. My name is Otis Elwood and I'm a 31 year old guy from Argus, Florida. I'm a plumber for a living and I live here with Mama and my dog Tyco. Pretty simple life. If you're looking from the outside.

When I was 16 I was abducted by aliens on a nearby farm, called Nixon's Farm, that me and my buddies used to hang around at.

I know it sounds weird or like bullshit but it aint. It's for real.

My cousin Andy has been bothering me for years to put my story out on the internet. Says maybe somebody out there has a like story. Let's hope he's right. This will be the place to tell it. Andy works on the internet for a living so he helped me put this all together. I like the look of it--it's got that rebel spirit to it just like me and my buds, so them aliens better watch out!!

Life aint never been the same since then and it's tough to talk about and you may think I'm crazy but those who don't maybe we'll lend a hand to each other. I'm out to catch me one of these things. Anyone else?

I'll update pretty regular